How to create a new project

Tip: Hold Ctrl or ⌘ button when clicking a link to open it in a new tab

  1. If you do not have one, create a new account on GitHub (choose the free plan and do not worry about creating a project at the end, but do verify your email address).
  2. Find the Bradford CoderDojo repository in GitHub
  3. Clone the repository
    Picture showing where the clone button is in GitHub
  4. Choose “Open in Desktop”
  5. If you don’t have GitHub desktop - download and install it now. Log in, go to the dashboard and then go back to 2
  6. If you do have GitHub desktop but it just keeps opening the download page - make sure you are signed into the GitHub website.
  7. Choose a sensible place to clone the repository on your local machine.
  8. Open the repository in explorer - by default on windows this will take you to documents\GitHub\
  9. Open the project folder
  10. Open the file in an editor of your choice (notepad will do on windows)
  11. The file is in a language called MarkDown (as are these instructions) - This cheatsheet will help you
  12. Create a new entry in the file as follows

    [The name of your new project](/project/my-project-name)

    Changing the name of ‘my-project-name’ to what ever you want to call your project

  13. Create a new folder to store you project files in under the project folder - make sure the name is the same as what your called it in the line you have just entered in instruction 12
    Picture showing where to create a new folder in windows
  14. Create a new file in this folder called ‘’ and populate it with the following (change the date, title and put whatever you want in)
    Tip: When creating the file make sure that windows explorer isn’t hiding the file extension other wise you can’t easily change it from a txt document. You can change it like this:
    Picture showing how to turn on file extensions in windows explorer

    layout: default
    title: "My turnip project"
    date: 2016-12-10
    #Is the turnip underrated?
    They are clearly inedible.  Why do people insist on cooking them?
    Here are [some great turnip recipes]( to get us started
  15. Save it.
  16. Go back to GitHub Desktop, enter a comment, commit it and sync it back to GitHub. Picture showing how to choose project, select changes, fill in a comment, commit and sync in GitHub desktop