Picture of Paul Scott

Paul was a Primary teacher for 18 years and now manages the Curriculum Innovation Service for Bradford Council. He is passionate about utilising new and emerging technologies allowing pupils to become engaged and independent lifelong learners through developing and delivering content to support the delivery of the new Computing Curriculum in schools.

Picture of Shi and Kriss

Shi and Kriss are a wife and husband team who run the games development company Wetgenes based in the centre of Bradford. They create cool stuff like games and websites using their own open source technologies.

Picture of Si Wilson

Si is a service designer and interaction designer who works on the NHS Beta programme making a simpler, clearer, and faster NHS.UK.

Picture of Jonny Muir

Jonny is a designer and developer and has a BSc in Computer Science and a Diploma in music. He has been creating software since he was very young, and has been professionally designing and developing for over 20 years. He loves getting involved in projects like CoderDojo and likes to work out how things work.