March Session

24 Mar 2018

It’s been a snowy few weeks so it’s great to be back for Coder Dojo today when the weather is clear.

Jack is using Code Club resources to create his own website

This morning, we saw some exciting projects during the session.

Lewis is using his micro:bit to get fit by creating a pedometer

William is busy using his understanding of HTML and CSS to creat his own website to review films and books

Nice work embedding YouTube videos in your site, William!

Sam has created a game from scratch using Scratch

You can play Sam’s game, SPACEINVADERS, online here. Instructions on how to play is to the right of the game.

Great work, Sam ~ thanks for sharing!

full session
Learning how to create complex games using Curric Innovation Game Maker’s toolkit

full session
Going through the basics of server scripts

We also learned about bash scripting using command line in a terminal to do stuff in a remote server. A bit advanced and a bit different but we are always looking to do new things.

If there is something you want to learn but not sure how, let us know and we’ll figure it out together.

See you next month!